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"Khan's poems are intimate and unflinching, while lifting daily life into the lyrical. "How can I make the dust I've walked on speak?" They wrestle with questions of fidelity, familial legacies, addiction, racism, and the detritus of urban life. They are wry yet tender, illuminated by a yearning for transcendence as they 'search for traces of God / in a bag of scratch cards.' Imran Boe Khan has an unswerving gaze." 

- Kateri Lanthier, author of Reporting from Night (Iguana, 2011) and Siren (Vehicule Press, 2017).


"Pay close attention to Imran Boe Khan’s poems, not only because of the brutal, beautiful intensity of his authentic voice and intimate observations, but because through all the gritty places of yearning, vision, sorrow, and struggle, there remains an unstoppable devotion to life, and everything it offers this fiercely honest poet. Take him at his word, and praise his courage when he says: 'I beg,/whatever hell you straddle next,/ take me with you.'"

- Michelle Bitting, author of Broken Kingdom (Catamaran/ Risk Press), The Couple Who Fell to Earth (C&R Press), Notes to the Beloved (C&R Press), and Good Friday Kiss (C&R Press).

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